Are you the perfect kisser? |TOI | Quiz on the kiss-o-meter

 Before you pucker up one more time, take this quiz to find out where you figure on the kiss-o-meter.

When you kiss your special someone are emotions involved in it?
A. Yes. For me it is a combination of physical and intense emotional pleasure.
B. Sometimes it is.
C. No, of course not. It is just a physical thing.

Does your kissing style change with partners?
A. Yes of course. The way I am doing it depends on the kind of person I am with!
B. It does change sometimes.
C. No. I am the way I am. I never change my style.

What do you generally think of when you are kissing?
A. I enjoy every moment and make sure we are both comfortable.
B. I try and relax most of the time...
C. I get very nervous and keep thinking about the result of the kiss.

Do you forget about eveything when you kiss?
A. Of course! I just live for that moment.
B. Very rarely. Only if the person is very special.
C. What? Why would I?

Intimacy or a comfortable position - what is more important when you are kissing?
A. Both. Position and intimacy are both essential.
B. Not sure. I am okay kissing anywhere; position isn't important.
C. Neither. To kiss you just need another pair of lips!

Does your kissing have a certain rhythm?
A. Yes.
B. Maybe.
C. Wouldn't know.

Your answers:
Mostly A
A good kisser. Whoever you are with is sure lucky! You are someone who believes that when you kiss someone you are in love with, it is truly special. If you can forget about everything when you are kissing it means that you are totally are into it. A good kisser always adapts to their partner and that is what you do. The combination of physical and emotional pleasure is the key to an amazing kiss.

Mostly B
A selfish kisser. For you a kiss does not involve any kind of physical thing at all. You are usually relaxed and do not make much of it and that is a good thing but because you rarely change your style of kissing it can hamper your pleasure. You should think of your partner more often.

Mostly C
Need to try harder. You are someone who is usually very disconnected from the actual act of kissing and that does not help at all. You should allow some emotions to creep in to make it work. The fact that you keep thinking about the result of the kiss can hamper your performance. You should just relax and enjoy the moment!

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