Funny SMS Collection -2 | Mobile SMS Collection

• Past is experience, Present is experiment.
Future is expectation!!! Use ur experience
in your experiments to get your expectations.
Wish u a happy life.

• Love urself, Flirt with ur understanding,
Romance with dreams, Get engaged with
simplicity, Marry genuiness,
Divorce the egos... Thats Good Life...

• So simple is to live; So simple is to love;
So simple is to smile; So simple is to win,
but so difficult it’s to be simple!

• The Lord will change all our defeat into
a path for new blessings. Do not think that
failure can push us down. Instead it will be
changed into a ladder of blessings.

• Life is like a fingerprint that can't be
changed, so make the best impression with it.

• 4 steps to attain success!
3rd DREAM. 4th DARE. Good Luck.

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