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People are becoming more aware of the damage being done to the environment due to pollution and are starting to take simple measures to decrease the damage done on an individual basis. There are a tremendous number of ways to work individually along with environmental groups to help stop global warming. Environmental groups can help stop legislation that will be harmful to the environment as well as helping to promote legislation that will help force large companies to change their carbon dioxide emissions and other pollutants. However, these groups can not do any more than make the general population aware of the damage certain practices are doing tothe environment, as well as offering opportunities to contribute to their cause such as through buying a 'stop global warming' bracelet. Each individual must make the choice to change these habits and help to stop global warming.

What to Do

There is a multitude of ways to help stop global warming on an individual basis. One way is to use a water filter, either by hooking one into the plumbing system or buying a pitcher that has a filter in it, so that water bottles are no longer used. In addition, decreasing meat intake or eliminating red meat altogether can also help to reduce greenhouse emissions.  Going to an organic foods store and local markets is another way to help reducecarbon dioxide emissions because the food does not have to be transported long distances by trucks and planes.  When going to the grocery store, bringing a cloth bag to put the food in is one way to save oncarbon dioxide emissions and also on garbage from the plastic or paper bags.

At home, individuals can help stop global warming by turning off the computer and unplugging it when it is not in use.  The same should be done for stereo systems when they are not in use since they are still pulling from the power supply.  The thermostat should be turned up two degrees in the summer and down two degrees in the winter to save on electricity and thuscarbon dioxide emissions.  Layering clothing appropriately can help with the temperature difference.  When possible, air drying clothing as opposed to using the clothes dryer saves on energy and making sure the dish washer is filled to capacity before running it also saves money on the water heating needed to run it.  The water heater should be turned down to one hundred twenty degrees and should be insulated if possible.  Light bulbs in the house should also be changed to fluorescent tohelp stop global warming since they take less energy to use.

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