Hollywood Actress : Kristen Stewart Pregnant Again?

Kristen Stewart was born on 9 April ,1990, is an American actress. She is best known for her role as Bella Swan in Twilight and New Moon, and will reprise her role in Eclipse. She has also acted in movies like Panic Room, Zathura, in the Land of Women, escapade Land, The Messengers and rock star Joan Jett of The Runaways.

Yesterday, an Australian tabloid report that "Twilight" babe had missed her age and sent a friend to get a home pregnancy kit. The report said: "Because she worked out that she was late, she it seems that began to think that she may be pregnant. And because of timing," she says Rob can be a father. “

Magazine has report that Stewart has an "official" girlfriend by the name of Michael Angarano, who was spotted with Kristen in Vancouver during the filming of New Moon. But we have no tangible confirmation about his supposed association with Rob.

Meanwhile Pattinson is jealous female fans be supposed to have started distribution hate mail to Kristen Stewart. Metro quotes an insider saying: "Christian has had letters from girls who do not think she treat Rob pretty because she is dating Michael Angarano. The letters sent to the facility, condemning Christians of being callous dating both guys."

But Stewart is currently busy shooting on position in Los Angeles for refugees and Robert Pattinson is on location in New York City to bear in mind me. All Twilight Saga stars will have a very busy 2009, when they return to Vancouver to film Eclipse and Breaking Dawn "end-to-end.

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