News world | William and Kate| William paid Rs 200 for Kate at 'slave' auction in college

LONDON: Kate Middleton first won Prince William's affections when he paid £200 for her during a 'slave' auction at a Harry Potter-themed party months before seeing her in a see-through dress in a March 2002 fashion show, reveals a former housemate.

Laura Warshauer, who lived with the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in St Salvator's Hall during their first year at St Andrews University and watched them fall in love, also revealed new insights into the early days of the royal romance.

"One of my favourite memories was in November of (first) year and we were invited to a Harry Potter party at this castle. We all got on a bus to go there and I remember Kate and William dancing all night. There was a charity auction where you could bid for the person for the day and Will paid £200 for Kate. They already had that connection." she said.

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