Siddharth Mallya and Angela Jonsson |Mallya Jr bonds with Ranbir's girl Angela |

A certain Deepika Padukone may have cause for concern. Expressly so, since it comes in the shapely form of Angela Jonsson. Word has it that while Deepika is busy filming in London, steady love interest Siddhartha Mallya isn't exactly twiddling his thumbs back home. As far as the female action is concerned, that is.

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As per "close sources", Angela was spotted having a cosy conversation with the Mallya scion at Shilpa Shetty's recent birthday bash. Most would put it down to a round of "healthy flirting", say insiders.

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Angela is known to be the intrepid sort, the one who zeroes in directly if she likes someone. And the gal who had an alleged romantic link with Ranbir Kapoor earlier, seems to have shifted sights. For those uninformed, Angela happens to be a Kingfisher calendar girl and is on more than nodding terms with Siddhartha.

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Squeals a source,"Angela is known to wear her heart on her sleeve and makes no bones of the fact if she really does like someone. Moreover, she loves making conversation with witty guys."

Guess, Angela's just being talked about.

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