Kara DioGuardi Is Preparing For "Chicago," Roxie

Kara DioGuardi is on its way to Broadway as Roxie Hart in "Chicago" and Access Hollywood has your exclusive first look at some footage of behind the scenes of the interpreter.

Kara, who begins his run on Broadway, September 5, said she has much in common with the classic character.

"Feisty. It is a bit of a survivor. She'll sort of do what it takes to do the job ... It sounded not so good, but you know what I mean. It's fast on his feet It is good, "Kara told Access Hollywood Lives Billy Bush, when asked to compare themselves with Roxie.

Although it has pipes, Kara said not all parts of Roxie came easily.

"The first day I told them that I'm not really a big dancer," she laughed.

Kara has revealed that she actually wears the same costume worn by a woman, has written songs - Ashlee Simpson, who was previously the Roxie on Broadway.

"I can not believe it fits," she smiles. "I really had to push a little bit, but yes, it fits."

Kara said, he intends to invite some of the "American Idol" judges to check it out in production.

"I'll call Randy and each of them," he said. "I hope that Steven Tyler is coming. I like that. If you are in New York, it would be great.'s A good guy."

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