District nurse 'had sex on the beach with schoolboy'

District nurse 'had sex on the beach with schoolboy'

A district nurse had an affair with a 15-year-old boy and took him in her NHS car for sexual intercourse at the seaside, a disciplinary hearing was told yesterday.

Police dropped their first investigation but in 2007 Miss Horsley was questioned again after the boy said he had intercourse with her a number of times
Vicky Horsley, 36, is accused of driving the boy to secluded beaches in the car used for her district nursing rounds.

The nurse allegedly had intercourse with the boy at least 10 times and the pair were said to have been spotted naked in her bedroom and without underwear on a park bench.

Miss Horsley faces being struck off over an alleged “three-year affair” with the schoolboy.

The boy bragged to friends that he was having an affair with Miss Horsley after she took him and friends on trips to the seaside, the hearing was told.

The friends would stay in the car while Miss Horsley and the boy wandered off, allegedly to have sex on the beachfront at Anglesey, North Wales.

Police questioned Miss Horsley about her relationship with the boy who was referred to only as Child A, the hearing heard. Det Con Alan Carter, a child protection officer, told her: “Child A has told us that you and him have had intercourse 10 times. The majority of them — if not all — were you asking him to have sex with you.

“The majority were in beach areas where his friends were left in the car and you wandered off to have sex. One of his friends said he saw you having sex with him”.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council disciplinary tribunal also heard that she and the boy were seen lying naked in a bedroom at her home and were seen on a public bench with their pants down. The hearing heard that the sexual relationship lasted three years and may have started when the boy was only 14.

The boy was interviewed twice by police after his parents complained about Miss Horsley. Papers were sent to the Crown Prosecution Service twice but both times it ruled there was insufficient evidence for a successful prosecution.

Presenting the case against Miss Horsley at the tribunal, Louise Culleton said: “The parents of Child A made allegations to the police that their son, at the time 14 or 15, had been involved in a sexual relationship with Ms Horsley. He and his brother would spend substantial amounts of time at her home and being driven around in her car.”

The hearing was told another boy gave evidence to police saying Child A told him: “I’m s------g her.” It was also claimed that the boy feared he had made her pregnant. Miss Horsley, of Benllech, Anglesey, North Wales, was interviewed in the summer of 2006 when she denied the allegations” in their entirety”.

She also told police: “I have been informed of an incident in the bedroom of my home where he was reportedly undressed and I was lying naked next to him. I wish to deny that incident occurred.”

In the police interviews, Miss Horsley claimed the allegations were “lies and made out of maliciousness.”

Police dropped their first investigation but in 2007 Miss Horsley was questioned again after the boy said he had intercourse with her a number of times. North West Wales NHS Trust investigated and, the hearing was told,“various allegations were proven”. The nurse was then sacked.

Miss Horsley, who lives with her boyfriend and two children, had been working as a community nurse for North West Wales NHS Trust since 2003. She denies having sexual intercourse with Child A and keeping in touch with the boy and his younger brother after being warned by health chiefs to break contact.

She also denies allowing two teenagers to drive her NHS car when they were under the driving age of 17. She admits allowing another boy to drive it.

Miss Horsley was said by her lawyer to be “devastated and shocked” at the sex allegations.

The hearing in Cardiff continues.


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