‘Walking Dead’: In ‘What Lies Ahead,’ the kids aren’t all right

“The Walking Dead” returned to AMC Sunday night and immediately resumed its decidedly ooky zombie-killing business.

During the 90-minute premiere of season two, an episode dubbed “What Lies Ahead,” we witnessed flesh-deprived, shuffling zombies getting knifed in the back of the neck, stabbed in the eyeball with screwdrivers and taking arrows straight through their heads. And that doesn’t even count the undead dude whose stomach got sliced open so Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon could verify that he’d recently ingested a woodchuck.

But those gory details weren’t the most upsetting elements in this installment of “The Walking Dead,” an episode that made it clear that no character is safe in this post-apocalyptic journey that is now taking our heroes away from Atlanta and toward Fort Benning.

Seriously, no character is safe. Not even the children.

Warning: “What Lies Ahead” spoilers lie ahead.

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